List Update

When I originally created this list I was determined that I needed to complete everything on this list in order to achieve some form of peace with myself and the path my life had taken. At it’s original creation this list was exactly what I needed, it gave me the purpose I so deeply craved and it helped me to concentrate on something to take my mind away from reality.

However, as mentioned in a previous post I soon realised that life, as it was intended to, often gets in the way and I have been unable to complete quite a few items on my original list. Although at first this bothered me an awful lot I know now that even though I have not completed my list I am happy and I am now beginning to, as cliche as it sounds, find myself and that is ultimately the greatest thing to come from this list.

With that sentiment in mind I have decided to change the name and aim of this blog site. This means that I can instead of just focusing on my list I can now focus on creating a blog site that is primarily based around my thoughts.

‘Some people get lost for so long they forget what it was like to be themselves. Find yourself again.’


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