A Letter To The Future

So about two weeks ago I wrote a letter to 2009 me as I know that year was a pivotal point in my life. Now I have decided to write a letter to my future self, more specifically my 8 years in the future self (2009 was 8 years ago so it seemed fitting to therefore write 8 years in the future)

Dear 2025 Me,

Well it will nearly be your 33rd birthday now and hopefully you’re not freaking out as much as I am about nearly turning 25th. In just over a months time I will no longer be able to enter X Factor in the girl category; I always thought the 25 and overs category was so old, well the tables have turned now! Not that I can actually sing but that’s beside the point.

As already stated in my letter to 2009 me I am currently not at a point in my life that I had imagined being in. I expected a house, marriage and at least a child by now but alas I have nada of those things. Although, I’m beginning to think that’s quite a good thing, I’ve only just realised I still have a bit more growing up to do and I’m not entirely sure I’m ready for those things yet. However, by 2025 I hope I do have those things and that I’m settling well into my glorious 30’s.

It’s really scary to think that in 8 years it will be 2025 when it doesn’t seem like two minutes since it was 2009, I guess the past will always seem closer than the future. However, I hope you have now realised that the past is the past and there is nothing you can do to change it, look to the future not back at me. Also I hope you’ve stopped overthinking every situation, it’s my biggest flaw at the moment and it’s driving me crazy!

I know that in the 8 years between now and 2025 a lot of changes will have occurred and more than likely I will have suffered my fair share of heartache and grief. I guess I’ve been very very lucky that I’ve reached the age of 24 and I am yet to deal with grief but it does scare me that I’m not going to be able to cope when it does eventually darken my door. Just remember in those dark times to focus on the positives, which won’t be easy as you are a pessimist generally, but that might be the only way to get through those times.

I often wonder what the fashion trends will be by 2025 and if I have adhered to them or not. If you truly don’t feel comfortable with a trend then for the love of God don’t go along with it! You’ve spent too long trying to do that and at the moment we are slowly becoming comfortable in ourselves so don’t you go ruining that.

One piece of advice I have is please have patience when it comes to family matters, especially when dealing with Grandma. Things will likely be very difficult then for her so try your best to be strong for her even when she forgets who you are and who she is.

Now onto the topic of love. I truly hope that you’ve found your Prince Charming as I am sure he does exist somewhere. Don’t settle for anyone, that’s something I’m currently trying to deal with so I will be very angry if you have settled! Your name means Princess and you should be treated as such! Also please, pretty please don’t ever do anything you’re not comfortable with in the future, learn to say no and do not go backwards within your love life, an ex is an ex for a reason.

In regards to our career it would be nice to think I’m still a Special Needs Teacher but I would also like to be carrying on with my education by this point, or working on a future career path, you’re not going to be a teacher all of your life.

The next 8 years are not going to be the easiest, both for me personally and for the world, dark times lie ahead, but I hope you have the resilience and determination to succeed without hesitation. I have every faith in you as my future self to achieve our dreams; I’m counting on you. Just promise me one thing, always be happy.

Love 2017 Me


“I love you, for all that you are, all that you have been, and all that you are yet to be”


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