The List

Now after filling you in on my backstory in regards to the creation of my list, it is vital that I do actually share with you my list!

1. Learn to cook

So although I do know how to cook (mainly I know how to bake) my cooking skills are some what lacking. I can successfully cook salmon and stuffed peppers but in the larger scheme of cooking I am useless. I can also only cook for two people (although I feel that the person I used to cook for would use the word ‘cook’ in its loosest term) and as I no longer have to cook for two people, the kitchen has become an alien environment for me! One of my epic cooking fails was when I forget I had put garlic bread under the grill (not too sure why I put it under the grill in the first place!) and when I remembered, 10 minutes after I should of got them out, they were on fire and fully charcoaled. Therefore, I need to learn how to cook better and more adventurous dishes as I am an adventurous eater so I should be able to cook what I want to eat!

021My charcoaled garlic bread!

2. Learn Spanish

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I do have a Spanish GCSE but that is now 8 years old and even though I used to hate my Spanish lessons while at school, I love the language and I would eventually like to become fluent in Spanish. I don’t intend to be fluent within this year though, this will be an ongoing venture but I need to start somewhere.

3. Be in the best shape of my life by the end of July

I have had a constant battle with being in shape and eating food I like for a number of years now and I know that the shape I am in right now is a source of negativity for me. I know that this is a fully achievable goal for me and I just need to find the motivation.

4. Run a 10K event

Now, I have participated in two 10K charity events over the past few years so this is not a truly daunting prospect to me, but during the events I have participated in I have mostly walked them. This year I want to be able to run at least three quarters of the event and finish with a time of under an hour.

5. Complete Tough Mudder

This is on my list as I have wanted to complete Tough Mudder for years now but I have never been fully fit enough and to be honest it does scare me a little! However, this is my year of positivism so I am going to put my fear to one side and conquer this course once and for all!

6. Learn how to look after my car correctly

Last year was the first year I had bought my own car and I realised that when it had some problems last year I relied fully on my Dad to sort the problems out. To me this is not acceptable and if I own a car I should be able to look after it on my own!


My beautiful Mini Cooper! Clara the Cooper.

7. Become a Guide Leader

I used to attend Guides up until the age of 17 and the organisation has always held a place in my heart. I have thought about becoming a Guide Leader for a number of years now but it was only while complying this list that I decided to go for it and help teenagers get their Go For It’s (terrible guiding pun but oh well!).

8. Achieve the grade Good or Outstanding in my PGCE

I started my PGCE in September last year and although a lot of my teacher friends had told me how stressful a PGCE is I fully underestimated exactly how stressful and how much work there would be! I am more determined than ever though this year to achieve the best grade I possibly can, not for getting a job as I will already have job for September before my grade will be decided, but just to prove to myself that I can achieve things when I truly try!

9. Watch a sunrise and a sunset in the same day

This is something I have always wanted to do but just never bothered to try to complete. Although, I am aware that there is probably a slight romantic inclination towards this goal and being single does hinder the whole romance element, I will complete this on my own if I have to, I just need to decide when and where is the best place for this goal.

10. Create and maintain a blog post for the year

Well I am already started on this goal. I do love writing about what is happening in my life and even if no-one reads this blog, it helps me to clear my mind and focus a bit more. Therefore, I am going to make sure that I maintain this blog as I know that is the hardest part, just not decided if I will write weekly or fortnightly yet.

11. Write poems again

Again I used to write poems all the time in my teenage years. No-one will ever read them as they are personal to me but they do help me to process my emotions. I aim to have them printed and put into a nice book at the end of the year so I can re-read my poems whenever I like.

12. Complete my Australia scrapbook

Now I went to Australia over two year ago now and I still haven’t put everything I brought back with me into a scrapbook! Luckily for me my memory is pretty good so I won’t have a problem with sorting out where in Australia I got things from, but I just need to give myself a weekend where I dedicate all my time into completing it; I need a memento to be able to relive my memories when I am older


At the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney

13. Have a world record

When I have told people about my list and I have mentioned this one people have looked at me like I’ve finally lost the plot! I just think how great it would be to say to people “Did you know I’ve got a world record”, I also believe this would give me something to focus on that’s not involved in my typical day to day life. I just need to figure out what world record I want to create/break!

14. Learn to play a musical instrument

When I was in school I used to play the Clarinet and I actually used to enjoy playing the instrument but I had no motivation to practice or attend my music lessons while in school. I don’t think I will be learning the Clarinet any time soon but I would love to be able to play at least one musical instrument to a good level by the end of this year.

15. Increase my savings

Now this is a very important yet difficult goal for me. I will hold my hands up and admit I am not the best at saving money I started my first full time job at 18 while my friends where all at university and I just didn’t fully realise the importance of having savings as no-one I knew ever had any money. I realised only 2 years ago that in all the years I had been earning money I really didn’t have anything to my name. However, for most of this year I will be unemployed while I complete my PGCE so I am relying on Student Finance and money from family members to get me through the year, but that doesn’t mean I cant save money altogether. I need to make sure that I stop spending my money on items that I will ultimately only use once, if that, and I use my money wisely this year.

16. Get a teaching job

This is obviously one of my most important goals on my list as if I do not get a job for September I can’t complete my NQT year and I will not be classed as a teacher. I need to be careful that I only apply for jobs I truly want though as once I accept a job I can’t attend any more interviews even if I think I will prefer another job better. I also get very nervous about interviews and this is beginning to worry me far too much so hopefully I can complete this goal quickly and then put all my efforts into completing the rest of my list.

17. Learn to be happy with myself.

Cliche and cheesy, but oh so relevant! I am not one of those people who is happy in their own company at the moment, I tend to over think everything and wind myself up into a frenzy,and with my life not quite where I expected it to be, me myself and I don’t get along right now! I am hoping that by creating a positive environment for myself and by completing my list I will have a very different outlook on life this time next year.

So that’s the end of my list. Some big goals to complete and some small but crucial ones. I will keep a running record of when I am up to this my goals and this blog will help to inform anyone who is also interested in my progress.

‘Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.’ – Vincent Van Gogh

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