If you have already read my About section you will have learnt that this blog has been created to promote my personal positivism. 2016 was not in the grand scheme of things the best year of my life. Most of the changes that happened had been expected, however, what I did not count on was how strongly my emotions would impact upon my reaction to these changes. For the past several years I had been plodding along with my life, no professional or personal life changes, and therefore, I had not had the life experiences to mentally fully prepare myself for the changes that lay in 2016. The one thing I did know was how much I hated change, that’s probably why my life chugged along at a snails pace. Really with that in mind I should have prepared myself, but alas as the saying goes ‘hindsight is a good thing’. 2016 will always be a dark, stormy cloud within my memory and I let negativity seep in and settle. My personal life covered everything in a wash of black and no matter how much I tried to fix things, ultimately I had no control over the situation and my efforts to mend bridges was in vain.

It was at the point in late 2016, after I realised that sometimes our best really isn’t good enough, that I begin devising my list. I was desperate to be a positive person and enjoy my twenties and I needed to take back control of my emotions and my actions. I sat and figured out a number of things I felt would help me to improve myself and my list was born. Some items on my list require help from others, while some items are purely cathartic exercises, such as this blog. As I have already stated in my About section, this list is not for everyone to complete, it is personal to me and solely aimed at making my life better. With that being said, although this blog is a place for me to contain my emotions I do hope that it will help others to realise that life really is what you make it, and I hope that people enjoy my journey through 2017.

‘Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.’


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